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Guernsey Youth & Community Theatre presented

The York Mystery Plays


On behalf of Margaret and myself:




An immense thank you!


It was a massive achievement to bring off a difficult piece of theatre so effectively.


From the atmosphere created in Market Square by musicians from Belles and Broomsticks as the crowd arrived and then the anticipation and excitment as the rhythms of Samba Burros wafted down Mill Street, and the arrival of the procession with children dressed colourfully, juggling, tap-dancing, plate-spinning etc. to the performance of the miracles and the entry into the Inner Street for the Last Supper - both the calibre and the tone of the performance was set.


The stewards played their part in welcoming the audience, handing them wine and sheperding them down to Town Church right on time.


The gravity of the story, enhanced by the skills of Bel Canto and Francois Cloete on Organ, with Caroline on flute and Mary (Cello) , was conveyed in a professional manner by the entire company, enhanced by effective lighting and building towards the moving Finale of the Ascension.




You, the cast and crew, know all this of course because you were part of it as individuals; but working together as you did made it the success that it was - and I believe that is what community theatre is all about. Congratulations.




There are other projects in the pipeline, including an initiative which is launching on 8th May as part of the Guernsey Literary Festival when we start a monthly theatre club upstairs in The Lion's Den at The Golden Lion. It is intended that, on every first Monday of the month, we meet to take part in discussion, play readings, workshops, improvisation sessions, performance etc. etc. etc. It is directed at those with an interest in theatre as both participants and observers. With a bar available, the atmosphere will be relaxed and hopefully free of stress!! We have given the club an identity:  The GYCT Little Theatre Company (in The Lion's Den upstairs at The Golden Lion). Doors open at 7 p.m. for chance to have a chat and a drink with the 'event' starting at 8 p.m.




Tickets for our first evening are free and available at




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In July 2017 more than 200 Guernsey people took part in a memorable community theatre production of the first part of The York Mystery Plays at St James.

We are now working on a production that will pick up where part 1 left off. This focuses on the events of Palm Sunday, Easter Week and the time that followed.

Dates of the production: Saturday 24th &  Sunday 25th March 2018

This time the action will take place in and around Market Square and Town Church.

 Tickets on sale at guernseytickets website



Guernsey Youth & Community Theatre presents

The York Mystery Plays


You may have missed last summer's production portraying the greatest story ever told… from the Creation of Heaven and Earth to the Entry to Jerusalem. It was the story of good versus evil, of life and death, and of love, loss and hope; all based on a best-seller.

However, Guernsey Youth & Community Theatre’s production of part 2 of the York Mystery Plays next Easter will be a highly collaborative enterprise involving the talents and goodwill of all kinds of people at all kinds of levels.

It is planned to perform the first few scenes of Part 2 in the area of Market Square, moving in to Town Church as darkness falls.

The script is  adapted by Mike Poulton (Chichester: Uncle Vanya; RSC: Wolf Hall) with original music by Martin Cordall.

Mystery Plays were performed all over Europe in the Middle Ages. The plays told the stories of the bible in a way that the people could understand (remembering that church services were held in Latin). The York plays were financed, organised and produced by the city's craft guilds, which represented various trades and skills. Performance of the plays, so important to the local community, was suppressed during the Reformation. The last recorded performance of the cycle, prior to the 20th century revivals, was in 1569. Guernsey has had to wait until the 21st Century! 

Unlike July's performance where the audience promenaded, once the action moves into Town Church, the audience are seated.

Tickets are now on sale

Prices: £9, £6 (concessions)  £4 restricted view.


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